A Simple Approach Is Why More Property Managers Recommend FIMS

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A Big Problem | A Simple Approach

As short-term vacation rental experts we understand the life of a property manager. Busy. The last thing on your agenda should be insurance for your owners. However, it's there, and if it's not, it should be. It's so very important for your owners to carry the correct insurance on their vacation rental properties. Our simple approach is why more property managers work with FIMS, INC.

Call FIMS, INC. 800-537-2381 | It's That Simple

The reason more property managers have their owners call FIMS, INC. is because we have the broadest vacation rental insurance policy on the market. You must put your owner's interests in mind first. We know our competitor's coverage's and their pricing. FIMS, INC. wins every time. Please take a minute to review our policy highlights in our program brochure found below.

A Brochure For Owners | Print Friendly

When your owners ask about insurance; specifically whether they need a special policy for a short-term rental? Many property managers are hesitant because insurance is complicated and they don't want to recommend the wrong coverage. Now you know. You are the expert in the industry and having a referral like FIMS, INC. is a value-added service to your owners.

More Reasons To Recommend FIMS, INC. | Our Policy Also Covers You

  • $1,000,000/$2,000,000 in Commercial General Liability - Property managers are automatically added as "additionally insured" on every policy. This is done at no charge. This means if a property manager is found liable for "bodily injury or property damage" occurring from the vacation rental, the owners liability coverage now extends to the manager.
  • Property Manager Commission Income Protection​ - A first-of-its kind endorsement built into every policy. Under a business income claim, both the owner and the manager receive a business income check. However, the property manager contract must specify as such. Contact FIMS, INC. for simple contract language examples.
A Brochure For PM's | Why recommend FIMS, INC. To Your Owners?

Certificates of Insurance | Manage With onehub

  • All property managers get an individual onehub account and login
  • All FIMS, INC. policyholders certificates downloaded into your account
  • Automatic email notifications to you for your owners renewals/cancellations
  • Standard interface for files/folders/templates/notifications, but fully customizable to your preference
  • Download existing owner's list if asked to be contacted by FIMS, INC. for certificate request
  • Email templates provided for your use if owners need to be contacted
  • Use freely to your liking, or let FIMS, INC. manage it